Teeth Whitening

in Bodmin, Cornwall




60 mins

Prior to all treatments you are required to fill in a consultation form to check your eligibility to proceed with the treatment.
Once we are happy with the consultation a special cheek retractor is popped into your mouth to make sure your lips are kept away from the teeth during the process. We then take a shade sample of the teeth’s colour, which is then compared to the likely colour of teeth that will be achieved after treatment, giving you very clear and visible results. Teeth are then cleaned thoroughly with an activator to prepare teeth for treatment, this will also remove accumulated debris ensuring treatment is most effective.
Teeth are then coated with our specially formed whitening agent containing a non-peroxide based solution and high energy blue LED light is distributed evenly over the teeth. You are then left for 20 minutes to let the gel gently work its magic and lift those layers of staining caused by everyday life.
The blue LED is proven to be the most effective wavelength to initiate molecules within the whitening agent without overheating and damaging any part of the teeth. This process is completed in two 20 minute cycles. The full teeth whitening session is completed within 60 minutes with amazing and instant results left for you to enjoy.